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Translated By Catherine Fu
Dialogue between Heart and Fossil


Preface to Coagulated TimeZhu Yongxing’s Amber Carving Art Works Collection


  I’ve known Zhu Yongxing for many years. Reticent as he is, he would become excited and eloquent with endless witty remarks as soon as he is talking of amber and carving. Zhu Yongxing is really infatuated with amber carving and he has poured passionate love into it, which is rare in jade carving business. 


Thanks to his unshaken infatuation and persistence, now he’s been returned with such a success. Now he published Coagulated Time, the collection of his selected works which he’s poured his effort and love in for so many years. Opening the book, I couldn’t help exclaiming with admiration at seeing those wonderful amber works created by skillfully taking advantage of gorgeous natural colors of amber and their reflected graceful and enchanting lines and images. They not only make us appreciate the marvelous and magic changes of the Nature but also make us feel an infatuated soul dancing on the amber as well as his flame-like passion devoting to life and art.  

Amber is a kind of fossil formed by the resin of ancient pine and cypress after being buried for a long time of from 40 million years to 60 millions years. Amber combines such properties as lucidity of crystal, brilliance of pearl and color of agate. It has varieties such as golden amber, red amber, piebald amber, bright amber, blue amber, green amber, insect amber and black amber, etc.  


Traditionally, the non-lucent or translucent amber is called Mila in Chinese. Since ancient time, amber, which represents noble, classic, reserved charm, has been a kind of traditional ornaments worn by the European aristocrat. When speaking of Chinese traditional medicine, amber is also a kind of rare and precious medicinal material.


No more evidences have yet been found that when amber carving originated, while one can image that without doubt amber contains the some human-created traces or marks since it has been existing as a kind of primitive wearing ornament for people for a long time. Certainly, carving on amber with calligraphy and painting must be creativity of modern people and among which, undoubtedly, Zhu Yongxing is a pioneer.


Maybe it is destined, or accidental for Zhu Yongxing to be infatuated with carving amber. He is a native-born Suzhou local, and enchanting landscape of hometown nurtured his quiet composition and cultivated his scholar style affection.  


On the unshaken basis of his love of calligraphy and painting as a child and bamboo carving as a youth, he can now flies freely with his wings of amazing imagination in such a marvelous world of amber.


Rich in imagination as a little child, his wings of thinking always fly in a vigorous and unconstrained way, and as he says himself, at that time he could always image all kinds of line patterns from the marks and traces of rain leakage on the wall, which now still remains indelible in his mind. So, accidentally when he met magic amber, he was deeply moved by the stunning and marvelous charm of vein and bubble formed by the flowing of resin as well as the insects and plants crumbs. From interest to infatuation and finally he even developed a kind of flame-style passion to it. “I’ve almost poured all my life into it.”   


No two pieces of amber are the same in the world, so it needs so much consideration in the carving of each piece of amber. Zhu Yongxing often makes a painful study of those bumpy amber pieces, looking for and grasping accidental inspiration sparkles. Sometimes it takes him one year to do it and sometimes more.   


Then he would select to stay alone for a period of time to quiet himself down and contemplate with easiness, then he started carving in an easy and relaxed way. Enchanting Lotus is Zhu Yongxing’s favorite topic for carving. Under his carving knife, those weathering ice-cracks became the stretching veins on the lotus leave, a stripe of coarse and dark vein became a vigorous branch of plum tree, and a little bubble became a water drop rolling on the lotus leave. In this way, the pure and gorgeous amber instantly turned out to be poetic painting scroll sparkling with inspiration.


Indeed as what Su Xun, a writer said in his evaluation of Zhu’s works, “Weathered lotus leaves tremble amidst chilly fall rain, at this moment when summer heat retires with coming of dawn, still lingering is are prosperity remain of blossoming season although now flowers are fallen and leaves are yellow. The veins of lotus leave, luminous water drops rolling on the leave as well as stubborn leave stalks, all of these show us the enchanting bearing and appeal of Zhang Daqian’s Chinese painting. ” This is the harmonious dialogue between of an infatuated artistic soul and ancient fossil and this is the password of natural changes which is unlocked by artistic aesthetic effort. 


Technically, amber carving is much more difficult when compared with carving of bamboo, wood and ivory due to its nature of being crispy, fragile and light weighted with various colors and impurity. It needs much more continuous adjustment and flexibility of skill during the course of carving so as to fully display its art charm, which is really a sort of challenge to a carver. Just as what Zhu Yongxing feels, the charm of amber carving is uncertainty, sometimes he needs to give way to one insect or a bubble, thus its bright points are not what he expects, and of course, much more difficult is it to reach of perfection.  


Now, Zhu Yongxing’s carving is more and more exquisite. It seems that that those layers and details are coagulated with heart and soul instead of being carving out by knife. Such carving cannot be found among the traditional bamboo carving field, which exactly is the return of Zhu Yongxing’s long-term painful practice.


Indeed, frankly speaking, Zhu Yongxing’s carving is still in its growing stage, and as an artist there is still a long way for him to go. Hereby, I would like to present my incitement to encourage him with a renowned mathematician Chen Xingshen’s famous remarks The time of human life is a constant and it is not easy to do one work well by devoting all one’s life to it. Knowledge is infinite, so is art. We wish that Zhu Yongxing would make more and more progress in his loved amber carving field with painful effort and even in his unique way. Gains always come from pains. His hearty effort and infatuation towards art are bound to grow more and more charming art flowers.  Here is what this preface presents.