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The vast and undulate land, and the open country dotted with a multitude of wild flowers;


There is the world of visible grass and flowers, and there are also invisible times and stories;


Heard here are the songs of herdsmen and seen here are the contours of cows and sheep;


This is Bashang that cannot be grasped with one glimpse.

一眼千悟  对于坝上来说,一眼是看不完的,但一眼的感受足以让你记住她。相信,坝上给你的感悟,一定是无穷的,是见仁见智的。正所谓一眼千悟……

One glimpse means a thousand comprehensions.  For Bashang, one glimpse is far from enough. But the affections from one glimpse is sufficient to enable you to remember her. It is believed that the comprehension brought about by Bashang must be boundless and opinions may differ. This is where “One glimpse means a thousand comprehensions” lies.


For Bashang, one glimpse is far from enough. But the affections from one glimpse is sufficient to enable you to remember her. It is just due to this comprehension that Bashang is endowed with even much more attractiveness.

Joys and comprehension are abstract, but also concrete and delicate. Sometimes, you can only use your heart to comprehend this kind of lures. But as a matter of fact, what the simple one glimpse brings about is “one glimpse” that is shocking to you; the “one glimpse” that is most memorable to you; the “one glimpse” that is the most complex and stirring to your mind. It stimulates the comprehension and anxiousness that human kind has left wandering in this world. Perhaps these sources originate from the viewing of Bashangs from the “mental intelligence”.


Indeed, people cannot retain themselves in their comprehensions for long, while comprehension can reside in our hearts for a long time. When you thumb through the book “A glimpse of Bashang”, it is hoped that what you see is not only a glimpse of Bashang in the lens. It is believed the comprehension Bashang brings you is bound to be limitless and opinions may differ. This is where “One glimpse means a thousand comprehensions” lies.
风景人生    Scenic human life

To achieve joyfulness, one has to make pains-taking efforts; growing up means struggling up and feeling painful and joyful at the same time. Sometimes, poets like to use such expressions as “leisure” and “easiness” to describe the lives of the shepherds. However, through our lenses, what we saw on the true embankment are the contours of those shepherds, who are waving their whips driving the sheep in the scorching sun and freezing snow, their tumbling steps, their eagerness to march forward, driving along their path of life.
坝上心情   Mood of Bashang

在坝上,要经历长达半年的冬日才能走进春天。从冬到春虽只跨越了一个季节,等候的心情却是漫长的。女作家毕淑敏写过这样一段文字:“……可能没有爱情,没有自由,没有健康,没有金钱,但我们必须有心情。” 坝上的万物用等待和坚韧的心情迎来春天,风雪的挫折里心情是坚持的动力。心情,你有吗?

On Bashang, it is long-lasting half-year winter days before spring comes. It spans only season from winter to spring , however, people feel it is an extremely long waiting. The female writer Bi Shumin once wrote: “….we may have no love, no freedom, no health, no money, but we must have mood.” Everything on Bashang embraces spring with the mood of waiting and endurance, and in the setbacks of wind and snow, a certain mood is a propelling power for holding on. Mood? Is it in your possession?
一眼回眸   一眼看不尽的历史,一眼感受到的故事,慢慢消逝的历史容颜。

One glimpse back   The history that cannot be viewed with one glimpse and the story that can be comprehended by one glimpse. Perhaps the slowly fading appearance of history will have to be recorded by “one glimpse”.
Faded are the days of precarious situations and gone are the days of uproars of war drums and horns. Transitions of times and the transfers of imperial powers had been constantly staged. From the Jin-yuan battle occurring 700-years ago to the time when Bashang became the location for summer resort, hunting and receiving foreign envoys by the royal families, Bashang has played different but also important roles in history.

Time and tide will not forget any corner. Up till now, what has escaped the receiving and departure of time? Those existing remains still glitter with their past glories. Taking one glimpse over the past history and recalling the old story ― the slowly fading appearance of history may have to be recorded by “one glimpse”.
坝上      听过坝上的人不少,到过坝上的人很多;了解坝上的人却不一定多,懂得坝上的人可能就更少了。

On Bashang  There might be a lot of people who have heard of or have been to Bashang; While there are few people who are well-informed about Bashang, there might be even fewer people who really comprehend Bashang.


As a geographical term, Bashang, an embankment specifically refers to the land area that is formed by the abrupt rise of the grassland; it is a grassland of the grass marshland type formed due to climatic and vegetation causes. Bashang grassland rises abruptly at the conjunctions of North China plain and Inner-Mongolia highland and forms a step shape, thus gaining the general name of “embankment”. Their average height above the sea level is over 1,200 meters and their latitude is between 41-42 degrees. With an annual average temperature of about 1. 4-5℃, Bashang broadly refers to the area 100 kilometers from the north of Zhangjiakou City to 100 kilometers from the north of Chengde City. It starts from Zhangbei County and Shangyi County of Zhangjiakou City in the west, runs through Guyuan County and Fengning County in the middle part and stretches to Weichang County of Chengde City in the east. This area is generally known as Bashang area.
逝去的时空    Time and space that have faded away
Historically, Bashang is a huge stage for the activities of nomadic people. In Qin Dynasty, it belonged to Shanggu Prefecture and in West Han Dynasty it belonged to the northern border of Shanggu Prefecture; in Eastern Han and Wei and Jin Dynasties it was the homeland of Xianbei people, and in Northern Wei Dynasty it was an important town for defending the barbarians. And it was also the summer resort for the various emperors of Liao, Jin, Yuan and Qing Dynasties. Such historic and cultural ancient remains as Hair -combing Chamber of Empress Dowager Xiao in the Liao Dynasty, the Jingming Palace in Jin Dynasty, Chahan Nao’er Abode of Emperor on tour in Yuan Dynasty, the Great Wall and the ancient beacon towers of Ming Dynasty and the Hongcheng remains and Jiuliancheng remains of Yuan Dynasty , the Yanzhi horse range of Qing Dynasty, Royal Hunting Ground, Zhangku ancient trade route, all prove its existence.

In history, there were a total of two “booming periods”, one was during the establishment of Zhongdu system, and second was the economic boom in the medium period of the Qing Dynasty. The former was due to political factors, while the latter was due to the opening of the Zhangku Road. With the trading between Outer Mongolia and inland China booming, Bashang was gradually civilized and became affluent. During the Qing Dynasty, Bashang experienced the glorious and prosperous periods.